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Content Management System

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CMS is that place for content management system. For the complex task in technical range used content management system. There is no confusion in the CMS definition the content management system is the operation that is used in work flow with the environment. In a nutshell a CMS is a effortless way for you as a trade owner to make a dazzling website for your company, in its simplest stipulations a CMS is a lot similar to a word processor in that, we can modify documents in a WYSIWYG arrangement. WYSIWYG is stands for "what you see is what you get".

This kind of document formation permits you to see accurately what the document will appear like as you are typing & adding different-different elements. It is much complex systems but if you have proper management parallel to database, rather than a word processor.

We have some CMS services offer following unique features-

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Add, edit or delete albums
  • Site usage tracking management
  • Add and edit articles
  • Banner Adv management
  • Job management
  • Customer management
  • Admin management
  • Add and/or edit web pages

Novel web creation also offers CMS (Content Management System) Solutions that can solve problems of the organizations and deliver better standing in the market. We have also Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions can help businesses in complex processes:

  • Managing Varied Content
  • Streamlining Business Process
  • Managing Multiple Websites

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